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Department of CSE, FCUB

First Capital university of Bangladesh is in a stage of development. Modern technology has given us access to the quest of knowledge allowing measurements and experiments that could hardly be dreamt a decade ago. Today research based university is moving away from its former preoccupation of knowledge building to 21st century survival assault of technology based skill workforce.

AS a chairman, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, I aim to provide our student with an education that is absolutely relevant to today’s world and constantly update curricula to incorporate them. I believe in providing higher education that will not only equip the student with all the necessary tools and skills to excel in their chosen fields but that which can also facilitate innovation leading socio-economic empowerment, which subsequently build a brighter for Bangladesh as a nation.

To the future students of Computer Science and Engineering make use of this time at your university to explore your talents, seize the day everyday at FCUB and absorb all the knowledge you may receive from our capable teachers. This is a crucial time in your lives you decide how you can to navigate your journey in life and who you wish to be. I would like to implore our younger generation to keep in mind that in their future lives and carriers, it is imperative to remember that they have a duty towards their country and that they must incorporate social responsibility into their future endeavors. This will not only benefit them as individuals by building character, but will benefit society as a whole.